Slots are arguably one of the most popular casino games. This has been the case from the days of brick and mortar casinos. Even with the growth of online casinos, slots rank among the most sought after games online. Every new online casino that joins the iGaming world will have a slots section that is normally bigger in content than other games categories. So you might be wondering why slots are so popular? Is it worth my time playing online slots? Can I make money with online slots?

Well in this review, we will try and answer some of these questions about online slots. In particular, we will focus on how you can win real money on online slots for free. Yes, you read that right. There are a good number of ways to win real money on online slots without having to spend a dime.

Can you win free money playing online slots?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Slots are a great and simple way of winning free money online, as no skills or strategy are required to play slots.

The wins here are actual money that can be withdrawn if you meet a certain set of pre-determined conditions. In the next section of this review, we will breakdown the most common ways of you to easily get some free money on online slots.

How to win real money playing free on slots

Currently, there are thousands and thousands of online slots available in the market. Each day, more slots are designed and released. Ranging from classic 3-reeled slots machines to the modern movie-themed slots the online casino industry is increasingly becoming dominated by online slots. With the myriad games on offer, it could be quite confusing before you decide which one is worth spending your time.

To ease this frustration, online casinos come up with a number of ways that allow you to try out their slots for free. In most cases, you can win real money while still trying out the slot machine, without you having to spend your own money. Through this kind of marketing for their slots machines, casinos also give you the chance to get some extra free cash.

There are two main ways to win such free real money on online slots;

Free Spins

This is one of the most common ways to play at an online slot for free, yet win real money. As the title suggests, free spins are a type of offer or bonus whereby the casino allows you to have a go at a certain slots machine without having to make any real money deposits.

With free spins, the rules of the game remain the same as when playing using real cash. The only difference here is that instead of using the money in your gaming account to buy spins, you will be allowed to have a set number of spins for free. Once these free spins are exhausted, then the gaming session ends. This way you can familiarize yourself with the game’s rules, symbols, payline patterns, and general user interface.

Some casino operators will offer free spins on new games that have recently been introduced. This is mainly a way of marketing the new game by allowing gamers to sample the game for free. In other instances, the free spins are offered as an in-game bonus. This means that while playing your regular game, you get a bonus that awards you a set number of free spins. For instance, you can get an extra set of 100 free spins, in addition to the real money bet you placed.

With either of these two types of free spins, you can easily win some extra cash. In the next section of this review, we will breakdown the rules about withdrawing such free cash won from free spins.

No Deposit Bonuses

This is another type of offer from online casinos that give you the chance to win free cash. A no deposit bonus is one where you receive a certain type of bonus, which could be either in the form of free play money or free spins, without making any real money deposits.

This bonus is quite different from other regular bonuses that are normally pegged on the amount of real money that you deposit. For example, most online casinos offer welcome bonuses as percentages of your deposit amount. With no deposit bonuses, the free play money or free spins are automatically awarded to you simply for signing up or creating a gaming account in that particular casino. In most instances, you will realize you need to use a specific bonus code to claim the no deposit bonus. This bonus code is applied at the coupons section when registering your account with the casino.

This type of offer essentially gives you a head start in your online gaming session. In addition to having the chance to sample the casino’s games for free, money offered in such no deposit bonuses can also be withdrawn as actual money. This, however, is subject to the bonus terms and conditions, as stipulated by the particular online casino you are playing in.

Can I Cash Out Free Slots Money?

Having talked about free money in the online casino, the big question here is how to withdraw such bonus money as actual real money. Generally, free slots money can be withdrawn at any regular casino wins. However, you have to understand that when casinos put out such offers and bonuses, the main intention is to market their products, be it a specific slots machine or the entire casino as a whole.

The bonuses are used as a way of drawing in new players who will bring the casino more business. As such, this free slots money cannot be withdrawn directly, unless you meet certain terms and conditions. Normally, these conditions are designed as wagering requirements, whereby you are needed to play a predetermined number of rounds before withdrawing the bonus money.

The wagering requirement in online slots is usually presented as a multiplier. You will come across terms such as 10X wagering requirement, 20X and so on. This multiplier usually ranges between 10X to 50X. What this multiplier essentially means is that of the bonus money offered, you will need to bet or play that number of times to unlock the withdrawal option. So if for instance, you get a $10 no-deposit bonus in a game with 10X wagering requirement, then you have to make a bet worth $100 to withdraw the bonus money.

While you work towards meeting the wagering requirement, all the wins accrued will be held in a pending account, which is separate from your main casino account. Once you have met the stipulated requirement, you can then make a cash-out request with the casino’s cashier.

It is therefore very important to read through the bonus terms and conditions before committing to a certain game based on the bonuses or free spins offered. This will save you a lot of unnecessary hustle, especially in instances where the wagering requirement is ridiculously high. You will also notice that most of these bonuses are time-barred, meaning you have to meet the wagering requirement within a certain period. You do not want to get tied up to a bonus offer that has unrealistic wagering requirements and time limits.

What are the best slots machines to play for free online?

With thousands of online slots in the market currently, choosing the best to play at could be quite the hustle. You should not be duped by the flashy banners and inviting bonuses into jumping from one online slots machine to another. Various factors ought to be considered when choosing the best slots to play on, including the casino’s credibility, bonus terms as well as customer support services offered.

This is why here at Divine Casinos, we are dedicated to offering comprehensive reviews on online slots. In this section, we will review some of these factors and provide you with a quick checklist for choosing the best online slots to win free money.

  • Types of bonuses offered

As we hinted out earlier, bonuses are designed to draw in more business to the casino. However, this does not mean that only the casino should benefit from bonuses. If you are keen enough, you can make some really good money using casino bonuses. The most popular bonuses with slots are the no deposit bonus and free spins, which we have explained above. You will also encounter other types of bonuses that are normally pegged on the amount of your deposit.

  • Game Bonus Features

In addition to the money-related bonuses, you should also check out if the game you are interested in has any extra unique features. Gone are the days when slots were simply rows and columns of 7s, red cherries, and golden bells. Unless you are simply looking for a game with a classic feel, then you deserve a game that has new and catchy features. With modern slots, you will find extra features such as expanding reels, wild symbols, scatter symbols, multiple paylines and extra screen bonus games. Such extra features not only make your gameplay entertaining but also give you more opportunities to win.

  • Wagering requirements and other bonus terms

While some bonuses can be quite enticing, it is even more important to read the fine print on the terms and conditions about the use of such offers. This is because some offers will make you end up losing more than you eventually gain, in terms of money and time. When choosing an online slots machine, you need to read and understand the bonus terms and ensure they are realistic and achievable. For instance, most gamers will find wagering requirements of more than 35 time to be ridiculously high and unachievable.

  • Casino licensing

This mainly has to do with the main online casino and not the specific slots machine. You do not want end up playing in an online casino that does not pay out a win, or process withdrawals with some extra hidden charges. This is why the licensing information on an online casino is very important. Any credible online casino will make public such information. Here at Divine Casinos, we maintain a regularly updated list of online casinos that have been reviewed by seasoned games. From such reviews, you can know which online casinos are to be trusted.

  • Random number generator (RNG) audit

Gameplay in an online slots machine is determined by a computer algorithm that randomizes the results of each spin. This helps to ensure fairness and that the wins are purely by chance. It is now common practice to find reliable online casinos publishing the audit reports of their RNG systems. This helps to build trust that you are not playing at a slots machine with cooked results that are skewed against you.

Which slots machines pay the best?

The payout rate at a slot machine is determined using the Return-to-Player (RTP) ratio. RTP rate is used to measure the probability of winning at a certain slot machine. The return-to-player rate shows the percentage of all the wagered money that the slots machine has paid back to players.

This is a very crucial bit of information when reviewing a slots machine as it tells you how likely you are to win here. Most slots machines will have this information indicated in the ‘Help’ or ‘Info’ section. The market average RTP ranges between 90% and 98%. As a rule of the thumb, it is advisable to go for a game with an RTP of at least 96%. With such a game you know you’re likely to win some money.

Here at Divine Casinos, we have also done reviews of a list of top slots machine and indicated those with the best RTP rates.

Frequently Asked Questions on Slot Games

What are online casino slots?

Online slots can be described as slot machines that are a representation of the brick and mortar fruit machines running on randomly generated results.

Can you play online slots for real money?

Online slots are available in almost all online casinos. Of course you can always play your favorite online slot game for real money. But they are also available for freeplay.

Are online slots legal?

In most countries where online gambling is legal, online slots are legal though the online casinos offering them has to abide to the strict guidelines put forth.

Are online slots random?

Most online slots are random because they are modern and use computers to generate random results. Most of these slots make use of Random Number Generator (RNG) technology.